Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Law & Order: Marketing Intent

There it is, quite small, but it is the full ad of all of the current "Law & Order" characters from each show, with Wolf himself in the far left holding the newspaper. (As someone pointed out, why isn't it "The Ledger"?) The ad began running this month in various magazines; for those wondering, although it looks like everyone's been painted, they actually all did convene on one afternoon for the shoot (though I doubt it was in Times Square, as depicted). Vincent D'Onofrio remarked that he'd had no idea why they were all called together for the portrait, but that it was a nice chance to meet everybody on the other shows, which he said he'd never done before.

I'd have liked to be in on the conversation between D'Onofrio and Ice-T. Just for laughs.

Here's the big version (and be warned, it is over 2MB).
Here's the medium version (about 290 KB)

And thanks to listmember Chris for the scanning!


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