Monday, August 08, 2005

Pilot Character Descriptions

Edited from one of our list posts, posted here for semi-permanency.

Someone wanted to know what the original character description was for Ben Stone, as given in the pilot script of "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," which was written by Dick Wolf. Here are the characters, as described by the show creator.

Max Greevey
"Detective Sergeant Max Greevey, 40's, is counting out four dollars and twenty-eight cents from a clumped up mass of small bills and changed cupped in a ham sized paw. Three inches of cheap cigar are burning in the corner of his mouth. He's wearing a two hundred dollar suit and a tie a blind man wouldn't be seen in. What can't be seen is the mind, which on one level is a cornucopia of seemingly useless information, and on another is a veritable data base of Police information. He's been married to his high school sweetheart for twenty years, and has three daughters, nineteen, fifteen and six, all of whom can wrap him around their little fingers. He's also an NBA fanatic, and a Knicks fan, an unfortunate combination that has cost him thousands in lost bets since the team's glory days of the early seventies. Greevey's been a cop for eighteen years and has seen everything twice, but he can't stand seeing the bad guys win. He squints at Jesus, the clerk, through a swirl of cigar smoke and shakes his head in disbelief."

Mike Logan
"Detective Mike Logan, early 30's, is a good looking Irishman with a temper to match. He's been Greevey's partner for the past two years. There's a mutual trust and respect, but it's a professional relationship -- these guys don't spend any more time with each other than the job demands. They don't confide their secret fears to each other, they don't socialize, but they both know that the other would put his life on the line if the situation required it. Logan has a B.S. in Police Science, reads books, likes Woody Allen's early comedies, has a Marine Corps screaming eagle tattooed on his forewarm, drinks Bushmills, and has a mostly monogamous relationship with a uniformed policewoman. He's never been married, but he has a five year old daughter that he supports and sees."

Paul Robinette
"Paul Robinette, a black, 26 year old assistant district attorney looks up. He's a product of Stuyvesant High, NYU and Columbia Law. Bright, bordering on brilliant, he could move up to a high priced litigation firm and quintuple his salary, but he gets off on being in court on a daily basis. He also likes seeing the good guys occasionally win."

Ben Stone
"Ben Stone, late thirties, sits behind a mount of paperwork at a chaotic desk.... Stone hangs up and looks at Robinette. The older lawyer exudes intelligence, confidence and the don't-screw-with-me attitude of a street fighter. Hunter College, NYU Law on a full scholarship, then three years as a PD before joining the DA's office. He's twice divorced and has a 12 year old girl that he sees on major holidays. The rest of the time he's married to his job, though he's had a five year relationship with Sarah Nicksey, a pediatrician. While he's more than willing to use every prosecutorial trick available to get a conviction, he's always felt that the real work happens long before he walks into court -- trials are won on preparation."

BTW, all it says about Capt. Cragen is that "he's in his early 50s."


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