Sunday, September 04, 2005

apocrypha short fiction: "Mist"

And here we go: apocrypha welcomes Blazerrose, who has provided us with a perfect niblet of a short story to re-kick off fiction publishing here. As is the plan, we'll post the link to the story up here at the blog, along with some ratings information; links will be compiled throughout the year on our archive page if you'd like to go back and do some re-reading.

So keep on submitting them! Here are our guidelines. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Of her short "ficlet," entitled "Mist," author Blazerrose has this to say: "Writing about the death of Lennie Briscoe/Jerry Orbach was something difficult for me, and something I avoided. This little ficlet finally came to me as a final tribute to one of TV's greatest detectives." We here at apocrypha acknowledge that the show itself has not officially claimed that Lennie has passed on, but we in our hearts recognize that he can't possibly exist without the grand Mr. Orbach. Enjoy this tribute.

"Mist," by Blazerrose


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