Friday, March 31, 2006

Burning News on Elisabeth Rohm

In other former "Law & Order" cast news, Lloyd Grove from the NY Daily News has an update today on Elisabeth "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" Rohm's recent doings. Interesting stuff, actually:
Rohm isn't fiddling
as a Bx. flat burns

Elisabeth Rohm, who inspired 'Law' and ardor, is back in New York training as a volunteer for the Red Cross.

When she was an assistant DA on "Law & Order," blond beauty Elisabeth Rohm saved the city from hardened criminals. And now, in real life, the 32-year-old actress is in training to help distressed citizens by volunteering for the New York chapter of the Red Cross.

The other night, Rohm went on a rescue run to the north Bronx.

"There was a kitchen fire in a third-floor apartment of 14-story housing project," she told me yesterday. "The entire kitchen was burned out, so the Fire Department called the Red Cross and we went up there with dinner and water and any comfort we could give. It was four people living in a one-bedroom apartment, and now the Red Cross is putting them up in a hotel. But they were frantic because the cat was missing."

New Yorker Rohm - a celebrity lamb chop in the window for the Red Cross' "Give 100, New York" campaign - is moving back here after eight long months in Los Angeles, having just sold her house in the Hollywood Hills.

"I've just been homesick," she told me, adding that she's planning to spend a lot of time flying back and forth to L.A. for auditions and such.

She has a new boyfriend after her breakup a year ago with NBC legal guy Dan Abrams: It's Manhattan commercial real-estate broker Lance Korman, a match made by Lizzie Grubman. She has a new movie, "Aftermath," a thriller in which she stars opposite Anthony Michael Hall - and which features the late Chris Penn. It awaits a distribution deal. And Rohm recently became a trustee of her alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College.

For the first time, in an essay she's writing, Rohm is planning to go public with her teenage experiences in a juvenile detention center upstate and how she managed to overcome her anger issues. "I was scared straight, and I finally got my act together," she said.

Maybe Naomi Campbell should give her a call.


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