Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dick Wolf Goes Literary with Law and Order

For those who can't get enough of original recipe "Law & Order," soon Dick Wolf will be providing new stories ... in the form of books:
Law & Order creator/exec producer Dick Wolf has made a deal to write two novels for the Harper Collins imprint William Morrow, in a deal the publisher is announcing today. Though Wolf's latest Law & Order is being transplanted to Los Angeles, he's using his old stomping NYC grounds for the first book. Though as a New Yorker, I'm not thrilled the plot revolves around a terror scare in Gotham. The novel's an untitled suspense thriller about a major terrorist attack planned for New York City during the July 4 weekend. The Joint Terrorism Task Force and an NYPD detective is the only hope to thwart the attack in a thriller in the tradition of The Day of the Jackal and Three Days of the Condor. The deal was made by Morrow exec editor David Highfill, who got the book exclusively from 3 Arts' Richard Abate and UTA, where Peter Benedek has long repped him.
More here.

Hopefully, they'll be better than the terrible 1990s L&O "books" that took place outside the canon and were apparently written by someone who maybe watched two episodes of the show.....

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