Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cusick to SVU, Ulrich to LOLA

Law & Order news! Alas, not the mothership ... but here's a bit of info on "SVU" and "LOLA":

'Law & Order: SVU' is already the most popular and critically acclaimed of the vast NBC 'L&O' empire. Did it really need to add the brilliant Henry Ian Cusick to the cast? Maybe its going for "most beautiful" as well.

The former
'Lost' star has signed for at least two episodes for this fall, according to TV Guide. Executive producer Neal Baer says they were looking for someone who is "a sharp, smart leader and very charismatic." Already a fan of 'Lost,' he thought of Cusick.

(more at the link)

Skeet Ulrich ('Scream') will reportedly star in NBC's upcoming legal spinoff 'Law & Order: Los Angeles.' Ulrich will play Rex Winters in the series, an ex-Marine who gained experience during the Rodney King riots. Five additional roles, including Ulrich's co-lead detective, have yet to be cast. (from here)

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