Saturday, January 12, 2008

News: New "Unofficial Companion" Book Coming in 2009

Exclusive to apocrypha: BenBella Books will be publishing a new "Law & Order" "Unofficial Companion" book, this one devoted to the "Special Victims Unit" show. At the moment, the expected publish date is in 2009, so you'll have plenty of time to save up your pennies.

But the bonus news is that it'll be co-written by Susan Green (author of the original "Law & Order: Unofficial Companion" book (at left), which was last published in 1997 -- and ... well, one of your apocrypha co-editors lo these many years, who you know best as Kitt.

That means apocrypha readers will get updates on the book first, have exclusive access to early pages, and even have the chance to contribute to the book's final content!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be putting up a Web page devoted specifically to the book, and likely either tailor this blog to the book more specifically, or start up a second blog. So be sure to watch this space or sign up to the apocrypha list (if you're not already a member). At that time, we're going to give you an email address where you can send all of the questions you've always wanted to ask about the show, its characters, its writers and so forth -- and if possible, we'll get the answers to include in the book. The fans are what make "SVU" so great -- and we definitely need you guys!

All for now -- more, naturally, coming soon ... but we're going to be very busy -- we have almost 200 episodes to re-watch!

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