Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New York Magazine Article on SVU

New York magazine's John Leonard had a few things to say recently about what he calls the "Donk Donk" dynasty. Well, he doesn't call it that, the headline writer did.

From the piece:
Still, we may have wearied of the Law & Order prototype (in which, week after ripped-from-the-headlines week, in spite of Sam Waterston’s hangdog exasperation, justice is denied by pettifogging, hairsplitting, bleeding-heart judges), and of its Criminal Intent sibling (in which even Eric Bogosian finds himself gasping after Vincent D’Onofrio eats all the air in the room). But Benson and Stabler keep us watching SVU. No other creatures in the Dick Wolf stable are allowed such emotional dishabille. It probably doesn’t hurt that almost every episode of SVU can be counted on to obsess about and drool all over occasions of rape and/or pedophilia.

Meanwhile, the countdown on the fate of the other L&O shows continues. Answer should be known by the end of the week, or Monday at the latest (that's when NBC holds its upfronts and has to say what it'll be plugging into its slots, as it were). It's not a great sign that both shows are hanging by a thread, and it's hard to know how much extra time may be bought if they both survive. But one interesting idea has recently surfaced: Should the mothership be shuttered, perhaps it'll end up on a cable station. No reason why the same thing couldn't happen for "Criminal Intent" ....

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Blogger VDOVault said...

There are all kinds of stories online (at the Hollywood Reporter, at the NY and LA Times, etc) saying TNT is grabbing the mothership...funny how there's no similar buzz for CI. I figure it's because no channel wants to pay big money for a show that is going to run 5 days a week in syndication on a *network* ...the old CI eps have been sold to 97% of the local Fox affiliates for next year.

And I loved what John Leonard said about VDO's Goren this season...he's 100% right.

The Vault

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