Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Putting the rumor mill into high gear

For those who might have missed some recent comments by VDOVault, an excellent commenter on these boards, here's some more links about what's going on behind the scenes at Law & Order/Criminal Intent:


In summary (or, word/aka Fox's Roger Friedman) has it:

1) Should L&O survive being axed, the lead cops will be replaced with less-expensive ones.
2) Chris Noth is likely to be axed from "Criminal Intent."
3) His partner, Julianne Nicholson is pregnant and already out.
4) One producer (Jamie Crowell Blank) at L&O is out.
5) S. Epatha Merkerson is unhappy with a lack of camera time and has made noise about it.


Bear in mind, as we've said before, that this is a Fox gossip columnist (he's very in, but he's not always accurate -- Merkerson hasn't been with the show "from the start," as he says) and he's talking about an NBC show.

Sources close to apocrypha spoke with Merkerson recently and she indicated that people are concerned behind the scenes about what happens next, but didn't voice anything about trying to grab more land for herself. Other sources indicated that Noth's salary is the issue; perception at NBC is that he might be able to carry a show on his own.

And that's what we know, at this point.

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Blogger VDOVault said...

Holy "My Spidey-sense is really tingling now", Batman!

Like they always say in detective novels (and also in law school): "Follow the money". It *really* must be all about the Benjamins in this round. The rest of course is all brilliant media posturing a la the most excellent British TV political intrigue trilogy known as 'House Of Cards'

I am definitely including you two in my next missive on the negotiation "endgames"...did you notice the last D'Onofrio & Erbe episode is referred to by that same moniker ('Endgame')? Freaking unreal big *big* hint of what the future holds if you ask me!

If D'Onofrio's gone and finally free of 'burn the village to save the village' corporate budget cutting (and also the sacrifice of art and creativity for commerce's sake) of Wolf and GE/NBC, I will be so ecstatic for him.

I had *no idea* that NBC is thinking Noth can carry CI, but in retrospect that makes a lot of things about this season fall into place...I was wondering why (IMHO) the new writers and creative team at the top seemed to be doing better by the Noth and Nicholson than by D'Onofrio & Erbe script-wise...now I *get* what may have been going on all along.

What are the odds of an Erbe-Noth partnership for CI, oh mainstream media connected ones? I'd *definitely* watch that CI lineup (and think it *really* fascinating)!

Oh and, hell yeah, give Epatha a raise or her own TV show already...she deserves it!

The Vault

9:52 AM  

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